Problems logging in ? Have you tried the following ?
  1. Is your CAPS LOCK switched on ? Your password has minuscules ? Unlock the CAPS LOCK.
  2. Is your NUM LOCK switched off ? Your password has numbers ? Lock the NUM LOCK.
  3. You recently changed your password ?
    • Enter your password again and uncheck 'Remember login on this computer'
    • Only when you successfully logged in, you can check the checkbox with the next login.
  4. You're confident you're an active user within your football club ?
    • Consult your administrator from the football club and ask if your account is activated.
  5. You recently switched from another football club ?
    • Ask the administrator to lock your old account.
    • Hence the administrator from your new football club can replicate your old account.
    • The login must be unique within the web application Soccer Online.
  6. You asked for a new password but did not receive an e-mail ?
    • Look in the SPAM or Unwanted e-mail. Perhaps it ended up there.
  7. You received an e-mail, but still cannot connect with the application ?
    • In the e-mail there is a hyperlink where you can establish a new password.
      After establishing the new password, you receive a confirmation. Save it in a secure place.